Dr Simon Briggs services dentists throughout NSW offering a unique and innovative mobile service to dental practices.

Practicing Oral Surgery, IV Sedation and dental implantology, Simon Briggs works in 35 different practices in the Sydney area and country NSW. 

Dr Briggs’ goal is to provide exceptional surgical care in a professional and safe manner.

Dr Briggs provides dentists with an ideal solution to service patients in house with his specialised expertise. 


Benefits of using Dr Briggs

- Oral Surgery, IV Sedation and dental implantology being performed in house. 
- Patients are seen in a familiar environment and do not need to travel elsewhere.
- The practice can offer a wider range of services to their patients.
- Dental phobic patients can have general dentistry done under IV Sedation. 
- Patients are often able to be seen within a week of diagnosis, reduced waiting lists!
- A mobile service that is cost effective for the patient.

Driven by passion for treating patients to the highest level, Dr Briggs' personal approach to his vocation has ensured that both patients and dentists continue to enjoy a close professional relationship.